Deadline: Feb. 24, 2019

The IEEE Submission portal is now open. Please refer to the submission guidelines and link below.


Conference Research Themes

The main conference themes for this year are serious and applied games for health and wellness, interactive or immersive experiences with a special focus on experiences emphasizing the unique properties of the mediums utilized, and pedagogy and methodology for education utilizing motion capture, VR, AR, and other immersive media.  Each of these themes engages a broad array of both technological and cultural considerations that ranges in scope from machine learning and computer vision to the social and political implications of an expanded definition of reality.

GEM delegates are encouraged to submit original research works exploring these new, emerging possibilities to create exciting, engaging, authentic digital gaming and interactive-media experiences for end-users. The main conference tracks are:

Academic Research Themes

•       GEM in the Cloud

•       Mobile & Wearable Technologies for GEM

•       Augmented & Virtual Reality in GEM

•       Social and Economic Aspects of Digital GEM

•       Societal & Behavioural Impacts of GEM

•       Medical Applications of GEM

•       Augmented Spaces for GEM

•       Emerging Technologies:

o   User Interface

o   Location-Awareness

o   Touch & Haptics

o   Motion Capture

o   Distributed Intelligence

•       eSports

•       Serious Gaming

•       Education & Learning through GEM

•       Artificial Intelligence in GEM

o   AI Engines & Accelerators

o   Deep Learning & Neural Networks


The GEM 2019 exhibition invites artists, researchers, and creative technologists to submit engaging, expressive, and experimental interactive media projects utilizing game technology, AR/VR/XR, interactive installation, and media works that reflect on contemporary technology. The title (and prompt) for this year’s exhibition is Is this thing on?

Submissions for this category should either be finished or in late stages of production. Submission for the exhibition can be in one of three formats:

  1. 10 still images (jpg, png, gif)

  2. 1 Video five minutes or less (mp4)

  3. 5 images and 1 Video two minutes or less

Submissions must also include a CV (3 pages max), and a numbered image list for your submissions that include title, date of completion, dimensions, and media format (PDF). All documents must formatted: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_imageNumber/documentType (e.g. Smith_Julie_1.jpg or Smith_Julie_CV.pdf)

Industry Research Themes

•    GEM Design, Development & User Experience

•    Serious Gaming & Industry Applications

•    Practical Case Studies of GEM

•    GEM Platforms & Infrastructure

•    Standards & Open-Source GEM

Peer & Invited Contributions

Peer-Reviewed Contributions (Academic)

•    Long/Short Paper + Oral Presentation (20 mins)

•    Long Paper + Poster

Peer-Reviewed Contributions (Industry)

•    Long Oral Presentation (PPT slides, 20 mins)

•    Industry Demo (Tabletop - Slides optional)

Invited Contributions

•    Keynote Talk (PPT slides, 30-45 mins)

•    Panel Session

•    Special Oral Session (3-5 long papers)

•    Special Poster Session (8+ posters)

•    Tutorials & Hand-on Workshops

•    Special Exhibitions

Plenary Keynote Sessions:

GEM will feature 6 plenary keynote sessions. Details will be available shortly on the conference website.

Publication Opportunities:

The conference proceedings may be published in IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

In addition, there will be opportunities for special sections in several IEEE Journals and technical Magazines including:

•       IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics

•       IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

•       IEEE Technology in Society Magazine  

Immersive, Interactive, and Experiential Sessions:

GEM has a tradition of emphasizing new and emerging technologies and their role in improving and enhancing the user experience, interactivity and social aspects of gaming and interactive media.

This year we will have numerous interactive works and experiences that demonstrate  the broad range of possibilities available to those exploring emerging media. Special emphasis will be on experiences that are not replicating pre-existing technologies but rather exploring the expanding vocabulary and new possibilities inherent to nascent media.

Several industry-led sessions with a focus on new audio & display technologies and other novel approaches to providing enhanced and augmented interactive spaces will be announced shortly on the main conference website.